Sunday, October 31, 2010

one seventy five- 2- one eighty five

Here are a few LOs I have done for my mom. I have done a lot in the last little bit! I am so glad that she is able to help me make some Christmas money! Thanks mom!

175-76/210 copied from Oct. CK

177/210 copied from oct. ck

178/210 copied from oct. ck? or from somewhere else online...i forgot.

179-80/210 not sure where i got this one...

181-82/210 oct. ck
183/210 oct. ck

184/210 my own design (i think)

185/210 copied from EK blog.

who is going to be the first person to break 200?????

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

173 and one7four

Yay! We are slowly going to reach our number! WEll Jake is gone a YM's tonight and I was trying to decide what to do in my precious quiet time and I was looking at this blog and saw these LOs of Maegen's and thought I can do one of these and so I did in thirty minutes even. The top LO I just finished up from another time long ago that was started and not finished!

Monday, October 25, 2010

1seventy1 & 17two

Looks like we are on a roll with craftiness, just not neccesarily scrapbooking. Here's a couple more to add to the craft mix.

Beaded Spider Pin - Here's one spider that I am not totally terrified by. I would actually go as far as to say it's pretty cute!

Halloween Decorated Cupcakes - The pumpkin is made by topping your cupcake with half a Hostess donut, icing it, covering it in orange sprinkles and then adding a fondant stem and leaf. The ghost is done my icing the cupcake, sticking a Dum Dum sucker in the middle, covering the sucker with a circular piece of fondant, and then adding two dots of frosting for the eyes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

169 through One Hundred and Seventy!

You probably saw this wreath on the cover of Woman's Day magazine. My friends and I did this project together and it was pretty easy and cheap to make.
This board I just kind of invented. I saw something similar on a blog that I liked. I cut some wood at my friend's house, then painted it white. I then cut out words with vinyl (which you could also do with black cardstock I bet) and rubbed on. I then modge podged over it. So slowly I am trying to decorate my house on a small budget!

And this is the project that is currently sitting on my desk and hopefully I will finish this week and will post! What projects have you been up to?

161-168 (and yes I counted my two pager as 2)

Here they are finally! Layouts that Maegen and I did while we visited them in CA at the beginning of September. See that didn't take me too long to post-only two months!!! Wow what a slacker I am. I just feel like I have been working on a million projects. Which another post will follow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

158, 159, 160

158/210 i did this one last week, it has just taken me a while to post. lazy getting my pics off my camera. it has been so long i don't remember where i stole the idea from, probably the oct ck.

159/210 i came up with the one on my own. i just love that measuring tape paper.

160/210 here is my advent calendar. man this was a piece of work! wish i had heat trasfer, but i didn't want to wait for it to come in the mail. i did some thing out of felt and others are 3D stickers. i decided to do 13 days before halloween. carter cannot wait to hang it up! Jenn's is cuter. oh well. we can't all be as cool as jenn.

Friday, October 1, 2010


154/210 copied from here. [PS I am in LOVE with Studio Calico's Page Kits. Really.] the little brad is a snake, you can't see it cuz of the glare, (the seal has nothing to do with it except S is for Snake?)

155/210 copied from here (the title says...just be happy, sorry for the glare, and the franken"T")

156/210 my own design. (i love that stamp set! yazaaah! oh and those stickers are some oooollllddd school scenic route.)

157/210 copied from here

So I got this little 6x6 pad of Sassafrass Lass Apple Jack paper from Peachy Cheap a while ago. Mostly I got it for the embellishments. But I thought it might be fun to use only 6x6 papers. It actually was kind of nice to go all minimalist. Don't worry. I am not turning into Ali, YET. (all my backgrounds are BasicGrey)

Hey! how many of you realize that this is post #302???? Wow! That is a lot of scrappn over the past 3 years!