Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes a halloween countdown. I am also counting this. My sister found this project on Studio 5 and it is finally finished and right in time. I just hung it up this morning! It ended up costing $11 to make. Oh, and used a lot of shapes from Silhouette which is why it was so cheap to make. Want one?
Instructions (as per requested)
I did 30 squares (yes I skipped 31 to make it an even calendar) that are 4x4 each. I just bought 9x12 sheets of felt, 5 of them (white, green, orange, purple, and sparkly black) and you can get 6 squares out of each sheet. I bought them at JoAnns for .29 a sheet.
I then bought a yard of black felt. I think it was 4.99 a yard and I had a 40% off coupon. Mine was 26x36.
I then downloaded shapes from the Silhouette online store and actually used heat transfer to adhere them to the felt. If you don't have heat transfer, cut out the shapes and then just cut them out of felt or fabric and glue them on.
I then placed on my squares and sewed them on zig zag style. Anyhow, pretty easy....have fun!

Thursday, September 23, 2010


152/210 we are getting closer! did this one of the baby jack. love love looooovvvveeeee that MME paper. I have the best little sis. ;o) and some sassafrass lass embellishments. and AC thickers, and cosmo tiny letters. i am running out of "e"s.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

14niner, one fitty, 1fittyOne

149/210 this is the opening page of Jack's first album! his 2010 album has more LOs than Carter's...that is true love.

150/210 the front of Jack's album.

151/210 the cover of carter's. yes, they are the same...can you blame me?

One Forty Seven & Eight

Here are two projects I put together for our upcoming Relief Society Super Saturday - Santa's Workshop.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

and 146? if approved

this weekend, I sewed a princess and the frog dress for Sammy for Halloween. I will get a better full length picture but it turned out pretty cute! Oh, and since I finished the dress yesterday, she of course had to have her hair done princess tiana style!


Ok, so last weekend my sister Krissy came to stay since my parents went out of town. She was in desperate need of a dress since she got asked to not only 1, but 2 homecomings which one of them was yesterday. She wanted a short dress, but not skanky. So we looked all around Utah Valley, and what do you know, there was not really a "long" short dress (meaning modest). Well we decided to take matters into our own hands and make it! I admit I was a little nervous, and Krissy was terrified as to if it would turn out. But thanks to both of our amazing skills, a gorgeous and modest dress was made last weekend for only $40. I thought I could add this to our craft blog? and I am hoping you will agree. P.s. I will add my scrap LO's from CA soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

142, 143-44

142/210 MME and some random accents. I have done this LO twice now. I love it. It may be my new favorite. (sept CK as seen here by me and here by jenn the amazing.)

143-144/210 a double. what? yes, sometimes i do do a double...and whats more...sometimes i do design my own. crazy pants i know...he recognize that triangle border? yup totally used my silhouette again! not super crazy about the pen lines. they car kind of sloppy. oh well.

Monday, September 13, 2010


141/210 i used the same pebbles inc boy line i have used this entire year! it is kind of fun to see how many LOs you can get with the same papers. i just got those robot cute! i tired to do the title with my silhouette, but now that slice master jake has left it is hating me again. maybe he should move in? or at least live one floor up and three apartments down again.


and it is a stretch, but i did use scrapbook supplies...buttons, thread, and chipboard (to make the patterns)

this is so easy.

plain white onezie (or t-shirt) pre-washed
pre-wash fabric (it MAY shrink sometimes i wash, sometimes i don't)
interfacing (iron on kind, can be double sided, it costs a little bit more, i usually just get the one sided kind)

first cut out your template. i use a cereal box or some cardstock scraps

judge how much fabric you will need. cut out a rectangle (so not your actual shape) and cut out a rectangle of interfacing the same size.

iron on interfacing to your fabric

cut out your shape (turn your shape wrong side up then trace on the back (right on the interfacing) then cut)

pin your shape onto your t-shrit (use a lot of pins so it does not slide)

(if you have double sided interfacing iron it on to your t-shirt)

sew. this is the tricky part. don't sew the shirt together! and i find that any onezie smaller than 12 mo is really hard, so for the smaller sizes i stick to something really simple like a circle or a star. (i use the smallest stitch length and sew around, then i zigzag too, might be over kill but i find that the straight stitch holds it in place while I zig maybe I should use double sided interfacing :o)

then embellish. i usually hand sew some details (like the whales water spray and the fish's mouth, I used 3 threads of floss) and add some buttons. for the babies make sure the buttons are super secure. but my kids tend to leave them alone (which knowing my kids is pretty surprising)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

132 to 139


Jenn and I had a mini scrapbook day on Labor day. I miss her already! I dedicated it to getting caught up on Jack's book, but Carter still managed to sneak in there a few times! We got a lot of work done considering we were still mothering our children (in our heads anyway).

only 70 more LOs to go! We can do it! Rah Rah Rah! Oh PS we are now counting two page LOs as TWO PAGES! If we get desperate on New Years Eve I will go back and recount. So starting now...count your doubles as double! its only fair!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

One hundred & Thirty

Here's a pattern paper blast from Studio 8's past. You know it was designed well when years later, it's still super cute!