Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My own little scrap fest

I decided to have my own little scrap fest. I felt left out :-) These are all from Christmas last year. They are for my mom. She likes me to scrap everything ;o) I too am ALMOST caught up on my mom's book. Just have Legoland from 2010 and our April Trip. Not going to get caught up by our June visit, I have too many other things on my plate these next two weeks. Oh well, there is always July!

(this one is actually for my brother. he wanted me to do a book for him, makes for easy bday and xmas gifts)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Almost There

Thanks to our scrapbook overnighter last weekend, I have almost finished 2008 - the goal Maegen set for me. ;) Jenn really put me to work this time. I was really struggling to keep up with her page count. I'm quite sure she would have beat me if she had not been so very pregnant. Here's my 12 pages from our cropping party.