Tuesday, June 29, 2010

QK Extravaganza


up to 78

These are the projects that I made for Quickutz Spring Gift Set.

73/210 Scallop Mini Book

74/210 Scallop Monster Party Card

75/210 Love Birds Card

76/210 Flower Card

77/210 Baby Jack Announcement. I just realized that I never actually finished this one! I was going to print his new born stats and put them over "baby jack" no wonder she didn't scan it for the website! how lame an i?

78/210 travel mini book. it has pictures from our Hawaii trip inside. I didn't take a picture of the inside.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

67 through 72 thanks to QuicKutz!

Ok so can I post the numbers even if I can't show the work yet? Also, I am counting these towards our goal which I think should totally count. Agreed? I will post them Tues as that is when this is getting released! Let's just say a little bit of sewing was involved......

Sunday, June 20, 2010

sixty six!

66/210 yes, he does drive me crazy, like no one else! i have done a lot of projects this week. but. they were all fro QK. so they will have to get added to the blog later.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

up to 65!

this one i borrowed from maegen (who did it last)
these pebble pages are a lot of fun because they are quick and can take a lot of photos!!
i decided i need another quickutz font though.. mine are too big and too little for what i want to do!
and this one form maegen and jen and probably someone else! haha

Sixty 1

This is what I have to contribute for the week. I made these for daddy and grandpa's for Father's Day which just happens to be tomorrow. I am pretty sure that neither Jake or grandpa's even check my blog so they won't even know beforehand! I got the idea from here which is my new favorite blog to follow these days. So many cute ideas. Anyhow, all I had to pay for was the wood which Lowe's graciously cut quite a few for me and the rest was supplies I had. So $3.30 isn't bad for four Father's Day gifts and I think they turned out pretty cute. Oh and 3 wallets from costco so another $1.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


the hardest part is deciding what to scrapbook! there is just so much stuff and pictures that i collected over the 6 weeks!

Monday, June 14, 2010

niner niner forty niner and 50

49/210 my own design. whipped this one up this afternoon. (and I really need to work on my croppn' skills in PSE!)

50/210 a combo of inspo from july/august CK. did this one over the weekend.

so girls...50 down! 160 to go! maybe we should take jess's idea and include all paper crafts? thoughts? or hey i have an idea...we have a few followers...you wanna play along? we are trying to do 210 Layouts in 2010. If you want to play along email me! maegenjenneatgmaildotcom

stay cool!

projects with paper

i think... we should count all projects done with paper.. so we can really make the 210 in 2010! haha if that were the case.. we would already have 3.. and here would be 2 more! (could make 53)

either way here the are!
this is my W wall.. inspired by maegens J wall
and of course, a newly covered magnet board to match the yellow kitchen!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

46, 47, fourty-eight

Are you impressed I scrapped this last week? I am too. Jake was gone for work and so that was motivation to get them done! Plus, I thought I should start to add to the blog to try and meet our goal!
I copied this one from the famous mj here. Similar yet not. Pretty simple. PP from Scenic Route, ribbon from AC, and flowers from stash.

Another inspired LO from the famous one ! I used Scenic Route pp that I got from the expo. Thickers, rubons, and cute journaling flower from AC. A flower, brad and a few stamps from the stash.

Lastly this one was copied from the most recent and received issue of Creating Keepsakes, July/Aug issue. Starring Scenic Route pp (who knew I got this pp for .15 a sheet) and embellishments.
Also, just so you know. I have been organizing and filing my LO this week and I am all scrapped through Jan 2010. How awesome is that? The sad part, Maddie barely has a LO for each month so her album isn't full yet. I had two full of Sammy by this time. So the picture taking has been slowing down which is good and bad I guess. Sad for no memories, but good for less things to get caught up on. I need to take more of the kiddles!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

four-ty five

45/210 Creative time has come to a stand still around here too. I have been focusing on working out again. That takes up some of the time that Carter is playing nicely by himself. And my new scrapbuddy has been super busy...so no scrappn' on sundays either. maybe I can get some done later this week? maybe.