Wednesday, September 24, 2008

For Mom:

My mom wanted to see what I was doing with the 4x6 sheet protectors we got in June. I am not going to take pics of them each time as the point of one pagers is to get done in the kid's nap time. I won't do one for every one pager either for the same reason. So basically I print out more pics that didn't make it on the LO and then do a little fun decorative block and a big journal block. The nice part is I can get the LO done during nap time then do this part when C goes to be before N wants to do something together.

This worked great for our NJ trip because we took a lot of pictures and I wanted to journal a lot about it. So there you go mom...what I did with my 4x6 sheet protectors.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Parade-Look at me go

Once again I used remaining We R Memory Keepers paper and rubons. I also used various ribbons and arrows. I used metro classic once again as well. You asked how I made the scallop edges. Kinda funny because on one of the things I bought from the expo from Fancy Pants, the packaging had a scalloped edge all the way around it and so I saved it as a template. Tricky huh? But it is really easy to use which is nice. Don't worry you can use it at Thanksgiving!

Monday, September 22, 2008

funny, I did the same thing!

I did this LO while C was napping. He slept for so long today! I even got to watch TV and make some cards for my friend Jenny's B-day (they were cute, and I should have taken a picture, but I ran out of time!)

So, this is some random paper I found when I was cleaning out some stuff. It is Green TAngerines, but I don't think they make their own papers any more. I used this new cool Ranger Glossy Accents on the die cuts. It makes them look like epoxy stickers. It was the product for the first Designers Challenge. But this is not the project I am turning in. I am totally stumped on what to do. I totally love one pagers!

What I did today

Well after Sammy went to bed, I finished up this layout that I started earlier today. I used some of the remaining We R Memory keepers paper that I really just love. I also used some rubons that went with that paper. I used some new buttons and photo corners from American Crafts. I then used the revolution flower and little squeeze flowers along with fancy pants flowers. I used Metro classic, katie lowercase, and mini moxie. I was trying not to use Moxie but I ended up using it anyways-I can't stay away!

Scrapbook Expo

So last Fri. I went to the Scrapbook Expo with my mom in Sandy and it was awesome. There was so many good deals on things-you will have to go to one sometime! I bought paper for .10 to .20 and all sorts of embellishments-felt punchouts by Fancy Pants, rubons, ribbons, brads, buttons, flowers etc. for mostly less than a $1. Although, I spent way more than $1 from the day, I am definitely stocked for awhile which was good because I was running out of stuff. Anyhow, I did this layout later that night. I used MM sparkle clear flowers, scenic route old paper, felt flowers and rubons from Fancy Pants. I wished I could've got more done this weekend but I was mostly watching Sammy and Taylor Fri. night and Sat. At least I got one done! Another good reason for switching to one pagers!

BAck in the SAddle

I used the rest of the Scenic Route Grafton paper and stickers I had leftover that did not get turned into cards. Some buttons, letter stickers (just because I didn't have a font I liked...I needed to borrow Diesel last night...why do you live so far away?) um rub-ons...oh! I did break down and buy the Treading Water Punch to make the scallop boarder. It makes holes in the scallops but it does the job. And...did you notice how brave I was?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not a scrap slacker

I have just been doing this...

Here are the designs. Some are my own, some I stole from Pebbles. I was getting desperate. I may never make another card again!

There are 150 total. The best part is that I only spent money on the cards that my mom and her friend Leslie requested (about $12.00). The rest was just scraps! Hopefully these little darlings will be making me some money next week! (if not guess what you are getting for Christmas!) Now all I have to do is buy envelopes, which will run me another $16.

When I get back from San Diego I will be back pumping out those one pagers...time to get caught up. I want to have the year scrapped before we ring in 2009. I want to start off the year fresh. Wish me luck!

Actually doing these has created a pretty good resource for us. Look at all of these card designs we have now!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scrapliftin from Maegen

Thanks for the 4th of July layout, it was a great one to scraplift. I just used Scenic Route pp and stickers. It was really easy and so I did it for work so I even get paid for it. Nice huh?

Y hike

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a romantic page

This picture was taken at my birthday party in July and since Jake and I hardly ever have pictures taken together, I thought this was worthy of a scrapbook page. I just did this during Sam's nap today which she actually took (that was a nice surprise). I used Studio 8 paper (are you sick of seeing it?) and then I actually cut chipboard out of my nesting hearts. Can you believe it and it didn't break. Simple page but cute nonetheless.

Big Sister

This pic was obviously from awhile but needed to get done! The one pager was great because I only had one pic! Anyhow, I just used random paper, I think Scenic Route that i got for .10 from my store. I used the nesting circles, Metro classic, and arrows from scenic route as well. The tag has my journaling too.

Monday, September 15, 2008

feeling left out

I have been doing stuff too...just cards. I am up to 70. I did this LO yesterday.

PP is 3 Bugs
I used Biography and my cool rocket, spaceship and alien QK i got for my birthday. No new scary techniques here. but C is dumping his breakfast saying "uh oh" so maybe I should end this post!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another one just for you

So here is another layout that I have been working on over this weekend. Not the fastest scrapper ever but at least I am scrappin' and catching up slowly. This layout was also scraplifted from Man, I love that place! Anyhow, you know the paper used. Then I used some white stickers I had and the metro classic font which I really just love!! Okay, i really just love all my QK fonts. Can you see the new technique I used in this one? I will let you guess! It also was scary to do at first but I really like it. Oh, and if you scraplift this layout, I saved the cool little journal thing that Jake drew for me if you want it or I may just use it again.

Friday, September 12, 2008

2 in a row

Look at me go. I am almost as good as you scrappin' queen! This was scraplifted from and i love it. Notice the technique I used that I never have and was very scared to! I painted on my page and around the layout. Kinda scary but I think it turned out cute. Plus, I am so into buttons these days. I can't get my hands on enough, I need more....lots more and cuter ones! I used the font Bright which I think works really good for this layout, and can I just say that I love the nesting circles which I also used. The paper is We R Memory Keepers that I bought with you back in July which more layouts with this paper will be coming as I bought a lot of it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

the girl version

Thanks for the scraplift. I really loved this one pager layout. I think you know the paper and revolution flower and flourish since you also used the flourish. Making the pocket wasn't too difficult either. Like how I used the new printer to print right on my 12x12, pretty sweet. It took me a few days to figure it out, that is why I didn't finish this layout sooner.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the boy version

this was so easy to lift! C just played and it only took 30 min!


this one I started yesterday, but I couldn't cut out the stars until naptime today. And I think this might be my last two pager for a while. Time to switch things up a bit.

made in the usa

this did not take me 1/2 an hour. it took about a whole hour. I totally copied it from Sept. CK. Use the Scenic Route PP and their stickers. So that made it easy. I was going to put a title on it, but C woke up and decided he wanted to color while I was scrappn' which makes it really hard for me to scrap and when I get out the die cuts he just wants to use them too. Not a good toy for a on year old. So no fancy title, but I like it any way.

Another moab one

Here is another moab layout. I had a few more pics that I wanted to scrap from it. Another one pager. Same paper. Used Merry font and katie lowercase. Also used some rubons from all my memories and just cut out the pink from it. Clever huh? Oh and random ribbon. Can I tell you how I am loving the one pagers, so much easier. I did this one in like 1/2 an hr. Now I am going to work on my waiting for you page (which I am scraplifting).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Can you believe it?

I actually scrapped during Sam's nap today. I kinda wanted to take a nap but I wanted to scrap more and so that took priority of course! I did a one page of our Moab trip in May. I am kind of liking the one page layouts as they don't take as much thinking and designing time, plus then you really pick out the good pics or best of the best. Of course, you know the paper that I used. I also used my new 12x12 little scallop die that I love as well as my new Metro classic and the metro mini. I also used the random little people dies that I got for free. Jake wondered if I would ever use em' and I did! Look at me go. I may work on another layout if she doesn't wake up

Friday, September 5, 2008

Waiting For You

I found Carter's Ultra Sound pictures the other day...I really can't believe that I didn't do a page for them! The polka dot paper is actually a pocket. I used my new Metro font and the most adorable airplane ever. Now Carter's first scrapbook has a cover page!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

scrappy hour

these are the LOs I did on Saturday Night. I finished them up yesterday, and made two cards with the left over fishy paper.

Little Swimmers: Used my Metro font! So cute! and So little! Swimmers is biography. Paper is Three Bugs in a Rug and the CS is Bazzill. Super simple since I was at a crop.

Slip N Slide. More of the paper from above. The little seahorse is from the Cricut. I forgot my fish die cut and this really nice lady cut out a seahorse for me.

These are the pictures from Jump on It and I realized when I uploaded it to the blog, that I never put a title on this. and there really isn't room for one, so I guess it will go titleless. the paper is Basic Grey, wish they would make their paper double sided. The ribbon is american crafts.