Friday, December 31, 2010

i green tangerines

here is some green tangerines will be seeing a lot of their kits soon! i am on the design team (yay! finally!) i have two LOs posted on their blog so far. a single and a double, just keep scrolling.

green tangerines kit club

any super ambitions scrapbook goals this year ladies? how about get caught up to 2011 by june?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

14th to 17th

oh baby jack. i really love you. you really are the cutest baby ever. never grow up ok?!

so how do you get copies of your kids letters to santa when they are old enough to remember you never mailed it? and then do you hide them until they are no longer believers in a physical santa? i guess i could always say "santa gave it back to mommy because he knew she would want to save it."
so i totally copied ali e here, but there wasn't a better way to do it! i haven't written my testimony down in a long time. i am glad i did it.

9th to 13th

ok, maybe i shouldn't whine so much. i got all the way caught up. gonna photograph the rest right now.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

december daily one to eight

So I know I am 8 days behind. There is no chance that I will get caught up before I leave, or before Christmas for that matter. I have decided that this project is meant for people who do not travel for the holidays or travel alone with two small children to a place where there is no creative time. but i am going to bring my stuff with high hopes that there will be some time for me to work on this project. it just turns out so much better when the memories are fresh. enjoy!

Friday, December 10, 2010


can i get a whoot whoot? we did it! 210 Layouts!!!! Whahooo!!! ok so we may have had to stretch it a little, but we did it in the end, and that is all that matters.

jenn, if you are wondering where my 4th layout went, well it is a funny story. you see. i must have really liked those pictures,because i scrapped them a couple of months ago. see?

so i took the pics off, and used that same sketch for a Green Tangerines Kit Club project. I will post them all when the kit is release Jan. 1st.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

205 thru two hundred and 8

So amazing that Maegen and I were able to scrap over the Thanksgiving holiday despite no husbands and family craziness. Anyhow, we scrapped during the day for an hour or two one day and then one night after the kiddles were in bed. I wish it were more but still impressed at what we accomplished despite not much free time!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

192 to 204? December Daily Foundation Pages

I must be crazy. But I love the December Daily book. Here are my foundation pages. I am linking this to the AE blog. I copied a lot of ideas from her this year, not many brain cells left to recreate :o).

I am not sure how many LOs I should count. So I did how many would make a 12x12 sheet of paper? That would be 14 ish. I will post the pages as I finish them, but will only count it twice if we become desperate :o)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

one ninety 1

Thanks for the idea Maegen! I was going to scrap today but then thought why not try to whip this little baby up! I improvised a little but it worked! Now my door is not boring anymore!

Thursday, November 4, 2010


So my husband was a meeting tonight... and I really needed a break form school work and work.. soo i crafted! i found the instructions here . i love it! and i had all of the materials at home already.. (the ribbon was from BedBath and Beyond wedding gifts :)


i found the frame @ target (one sale :o) and added the ribbon and little tag (it says November with a glittery leaf) to dress it up a bit. made one for my mom for her b-day. she never checks this blog so i think i am OK to post it. don't tell her about it!

since i cannot get a decent picture of the two boys together i have been taking good pictures of both of them and printing them on one paper. so far so good!

speaking of target...have you check out the dollar spot lately? they have had some pretty cute scrapbook embellishments. that is where i got the glitter leaves. can't say no to a $1! i got glitter letter stickers too.


from here V and Co Fabric Wreath. But I took it one step further, turned on my silhouette and put a monogram in the middle. now a little less country, and a little more me.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My lonely contributions....1eight7

i made this at our ward RS activity. mine was the cutest.. just saying :)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Our good friend in the ward is getting married so a group of us are throwing a bridal shower for his cute fiance. I whipped up 16 of these pretty invites the other night after the boys went to bed.

My Silhouette provided me with the lovely bride silhouette.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

one seventy five- 2- one eighty five

Here are a few LOs I have done for my mom. I have done a lot in the last little bit! I am so glad that she is able to help me make some Christmas money! Thanks mom!

175-76/210 copied from Oct. CK

177/210 copied from oct. ck

178/210 copied from oct. ck? or from somewhere else online...i forgot.

179-80/210 not sure where i got this one...

181-82/210 oct. ck
183/210 oct. ck

184/210 my own design (i think)

185/210 copied from EK blog.

who is going to be the first person to break 200?????

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

173 and one7four

Yay! We are slowly going to reach our number! WEll Jake is gone a YM's tonight and I was trying to decide what to do in my precious quiet time and I was looking at this blog and saw these LOs of Maegen's and thought I can do one of these and so I did in thirty minutes even. The top LO I just finished up from another time long ago that was started and not finished!

Monday, October 25, 2010

1seventy1 & 17two

Looks like we are on a roll with craftiness, just not neccesarily scrapbooking. Here's a couple more to add to the craft mix.

Beaded Spider Pin - Here's one spider that I am not totally terrified by. I would actually go as far as to say it's pretty cute!

Halloween Decorated Cupcakes - The pumpkin is made by topping your cupcake with half a Hostess donut, icing it, covering it in orange sprinkles and then adding a fondant stem and leaf. The ghost is done my icing the cupcake, sticking a Dum Dum sucker in the middle, covering the sucker with a circular piece of fondant, and then adding two dots of frosting for the eyes.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

169 through One Hundred and Seventy!

You probably saw this wreath on the cover of Woman's Day magazine. My friends and I did this project together and it was pretty easy and cheap to make.
This board I just kind of invented. I saw something similar on a blog that I liked. I cut some wood at my friend's house, then painted it white. I then cut out words with vinyl (which you could also do with black cardstock I bet) and rubbed on. I then modge podged over it. So slowly I am trying to decorate my house on a small budget!

And this is the project that is currently sitting on my desk and hopefully I will finish this week and will post! What projects have you been up to?