Saturday, January 31, 2009

I love this kit!

I just may buy a kit every Christmas!
I did this entire LO in no time flat! The best part is the little chipboard accent doubled as my title!

Oh and I totally re-used this LO from thanksgiving. (It is the Spooky LO that I did, I think you did pics of Maddie)

your turn

look on The Cutest Blog On The Block and pick a background. Just send a comment with the name of the template and which category I can find it. Good Luck!

late last night

I was tired too, so I watched a movie on TV (City of Angels) and when it was over I wasn't tired for bed any more! (plus I kept hearing weird noises all night...happens every time Nate is gone..does that change when you live in a house?)

I didn't have enough energy for a real LO so I did a 4x6 sheet protector. Fast and Easy!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Finished at 10:45 PM

So here is what I got done tonight. I was really shooting for 2 but I am getting tired. I got up early this morning and went jogging so now I am pooped. I know, look at me go. Anyhow, this layout is actually for work. They needed Valentine pages. I kinda cheated and used other pictures, think it works? The paper is Cloud 9 which I think is really cute, actually I love it. I used my silhouette for the hearts and i went crazy with the brads I know, but I think it turned out pretty good.

number 2

To see this online to here!

Still used my SR paper kit. Added some buttons and a tree. Painted that bracket blue with crackle paint. Need more colors of that stuff! That star is from Sizzix....I totally forgot I had it!

I am going to be doing a lot of these too...way to many pictures to scrap from Christmas! (I probably won't post them all)

Breakfast with Santa

And so it starts...a whole bunch of x-mas pictures because we did sooo many things!!! This year I am trying to make my pages come together as easily as possible. I bought the "Garland" kit by Scenic Route and adding some other elements. This page was so easy! Took about 45 minutes. Can you tell what LO I lifted?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

nota slacker

mode podge is my new favorite medium. this is an altered canvas to remind me that there is love at home even if it is not a house.

Crazy Wednesday Craft Day is in full swing!

Love you pebbles and your adorable craft kits!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2 for 2

So today during naps I scrapped again! Yah! I really have like a million pictures to scrap and so I want to get caught up FAST! Both these layouts, I used the same paper (kinda lame) but I wanted to use it all, don't we love Scenic Route though? On the Dog Where R U page, I made and when I say I made, I mean Jake made the cool frame for me and then my silhouette cut it out. I used Chicago font and lemonade, always good ol' lemonade! I loved these pics that Jake took. Little Sleeper I used little Moxie and my new font Jolly which I got from my fantastic work for Christmas and really wanted to try out. I also sewed the x's on my page which I was pretty proud of since Maegen is always pulling this trick. Anyhow 2 for 2. Oh and I used two different page maps from the Jan 08 page again. What a cheater I know!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 2 w/both kids sleeping

So I am going on day 2 with both girls down and sleeping, which means another page for me. Do I clean my house? No! Do I do the dishes? No! Do I get dinner ready? No! I just scrap instead, how wonderful for me huh? ANYWHO, on this layout I used old scenic route paper that I haven't ever used (I got for 5 cents at the expo, pretty good I know), the photo corners rev die, the little scallop rev die (which maegen you have both), the star flower I on the left page I used the silhouette for. I was hoping for a cute duck but they didn't have one, only a rubber ducky. Kinda lame. I then was trying not to use metro classic but I did anyways, can you tell where. I also used Ginger (I got for Christmas and LOVE) and good old Blossom which I hadn't used for awhile. Once again, printed on my page-love it. So here is another one for you to copy if you have a million pictures like I did. Oh yeah-I copied this from page maps -Jan 2008.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I did 2 day

This is what I did today while the girls were both napping. Look at me go. I used the sketch from this blog I found which has some great ideas. I used the sketch from Ghost of LaundryPast which was really cute. Anyhow, I just used old paper that I had but I used our fav Metro classic and mini as well as katie. I then journaled and printed right on the 12x12 paper, I love my printer!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What have U been doing?

Well these are the two layouts I have been working on the last week! Kinda sad it's taking me so long, but what have YOU been doing? Anyhow, I did these layouts for work since they are wanting me to design again. I love the newborn layout and the missionary one is just alright. For both layouts, the cutouts and fonts I used with my new silhouette which I love. Plus, it's easy to cut stuff out from home.