Saturday, December 13, 2008

Only 7 hours later

So this layout only took me about 7 hours...not bad eh? Okay, so entirely too long for just a two page layout, even for us, but the title was kind of intense and the two kids were nagging at me an awful lot. Anyhow, I used some of my new American Crafts paper (which I have a huge abundance of now) and a variety of fonts of stamps. I pretty much copied Maegen's title because it was so cute, and even used some paint to make the letters stand out. I found these pictures in my tote waiting to be scrapped so I thought I better get to it before I forget I have them again!


mj said...

SA weet! Love the title...I always for get the paint thing...nice moves dude!

Lera said...

So cute! It was worth the 7 hours.