Friday, October 2, 2009

what i did last week

here they are finally!
Copied past LO from Maegen

I was proud of this one because I stamped a lot and think it turned out cute!

My own creation, I thought it would be fun to put pictures in a circle. What do you think?

Simple, copied from CK last month's issue

Also from CK last month issue. Simple and fun to make the curvy thing!
Yah! I actually scrapped last week and it was fun!


Lera said...

Amazing pages Jenn! I'm proud of you for stamping so much too. And I am SO lifting that last page. Cutest thing ever!

mj said...

love the stamping...think i am going to copy that right now! and i totally don't remember that LO you copied from me...funny how they look totally different! glad you were able to post your LOs from last week. you got a lot done!

mj said...

oh and i totally lost my oct. CK. i thought that i wasn't getting them any more, but on Thursday my Nov. issue either they lost it, the mail man lost it or i lost it. totally bummed cuz it was the halloween issue. so save your for me!