Friday, July 23, 2010

one hundred and one!

100/210 i made this for my friend heather. she is having her first baby girl in a few weeks! this is for her room. she does not have a name yet, but it might be Delaney. So I took a gamble and put a D in the frame! I hope that I do not have to fix it later :o)

101/210 from the pencil lines blog. my baby jack 2 weeks old. he does not look like that any more!


Jenn said...

I need to copy! I love it. Cute baby j. I miss him. and yes, you can miss someone you have never seen

brandi said...

it has been so fun to watch all the layouts you have been finishing this is inspiring :)
i love that you too collect pez and used it for your cake topper (you've got style my friend)
keep up the great productive work. and congrats on your new little man. he is amazing.