Friday, November 19, 2010

192 to 204? December Daily Foundation Pages

I must be crazy. But I love the December Daily book. Here are my foundation pages. I am linking this to the AE blog. I copied a lot of ideas from her this year, not many brain cells left to recreate :o).

I am not sure how many LOs I should count. So I did how many would make a 12x12 sheet of paper? That would be 14 ish. I will post the pages as I finish them, but will only count it twice if we become desperate :o)


Sarah said...

I'm doing a December Daily book this year too! I'm so excited! Love the idea of doing one every year!

Rosie said...

Just came here from Ali's blog and noticed your numbered projects, do you have goal you're trying to reach?

Your pages look great!

mj said...

yes rosie we are! we are trying to do 210 Layouts this year (2010) as you can see we have had to get creative. but you can join us.

Christine said...

Following along the December Daily and I love your pages!!