Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My own little scrap fest

I decided to have my own little scrap fest. I felt left out :-) These are all from Christmas last year. They are for my mom. She likes me to scrap everything ;o) I too am ALMOST caught up on my mom's book. Just have Legoland from 2010 and our April Trip. Not going to get caught up by our June visit, I have too many other things on my plate these next two weeks. Oh well, there is always July!

(this one is actually for my brother. he wanted me to do a book for him, makes for easy bday and xmas gifts)


Lera said...

Wow! You are a rockstar. You didn't even need a cropping party to whip all these great layouts out. Good work.

Jessica said...

AW! i miss christmas.. ugh i have made no progress on my study abroad book.. i need to print the remainder of the pictures and just do it! its not even like its that hard because i am mostly using the pebbles divided pages!