Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wow! A Layout!

Can you believe I actually did a layout today? Yesterday was headband day and so I figured today should be scrapbook day and I did a page. I am so proud. I also posted on Quickutz new community website which is You should sign up Maegen and whoever else scraps, so we can be friends and post projects. It's pretty cool and I have gotten a few good ideas from there. Anyhow so here is the layout I did. I used fancy pants paper and cut it to pieces. I also used my QK font Merry which I have decided I love. I haven't gotten to use it much, but boy do I love it!


mj said...

it has been a month since we have posted anything! sad. good lo. i will sign up on the qk thing...did jake make it? i like your lo, now i have something to copy when i get ink tomorrow.

Jenn said...

Sweet! Yeah Jake made it so of course you need to sign up and then we can be friends. Thanks I copied part of the layout from a layout on pebbles website-i love to scraplift!