Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Layout

Well thanks to you, I was able to do a layout for work. I actually didn't feel dead tired today and so I didn't have to nap during Sammy's nap which allowed this one layout. I was hoping for two but that was much to hopeful. Her nap was only 1 1/2 hours which is as long as this layout took. I scraplifted this from a past vacation layout that you did awhile back. I used Carolee Creations paper and my font, Uptown Girls which I love.


mj said...

now we have a lift of a lift! the vacation one you referred to was a lift of one that you did! hhaaaahhhha funny. but it still looks good, and sammy is so cute!

Jenn said...

thats funny. i didn't even realize it. it really was mine? man, i am good

mj said...

you don't even know the extent of your awesomeness!