Friday, June 27, 2008

projects, projects, and more projects

my mom and sister came to visit this week. We did a lot of projects:

we made these wooden animal magnets (no we did not paint them, that is what 30 more cents will get you...prepainted and prefelted). the tiger and lion have been c's favorite from the moment he laid eyes on them.

we did this layout. an oldie but a goodie. i am so proud of mom and jess for scrapbooking with me! they did a good job too!

fourth of july cards. mom and jess designed their own (mom's is the top left, mine the top right jess's is below) they are so clever! i copied mine from pebbles but made it better.

we had a fun week!

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Jenn said...

i recognize the swim layout having copied that one myself! it looks good though. i love the cards. your mom and sister did a good job!