Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday night scrap

So I scrapped for an hour after the kids went to bed...heavenly. Sometimes I forget how nice it is even to just have one hour to myself to do something I enjoy, and scrapping is definitely something enjoyable these days and kinda relaxing too. I decided I am focusing on Maddie for the next few scraps because her baby book is pretty pathetic (only 2 layouts so far). Anyhow, I found some baby american crafts paper that I liked and is used on this LO. I also used ribbon, katie, chicago, and metro unicase fonts, oh and some foam cutouts from AC too. I didn't do anything unusual or exciting to this LO, but I think it turned out cute.


Lera said...

Super cute!

mj said...

i like it...i will scrap it too! i am focusing on my proj 365 book for the next little bit. i am getting behind and I do not want to have to play catch up all year!