Monday, January 11, 2010

5 and 6

5/210 (my brain)--I peeled the yellow off of Scenic Route chipboard letters, painted them orange then used Diamond Glaze on top to make them shiny again. Oh and I stitched, again, this time a zig zag.
6/210 (my brain, again) nothing fancy, I was sick, and needed something to do, but my brain was not working right yet. I have to get all caught up before there are two books to do! I am really trying to limit the amount I scrap for Mr. C. But it is sooo hard! He is sooooo cute! and I just want to scrap every picture I take. Sure hope I get over that when Mr. J arrives. Do you think he will have 6 books by the time he is 2.5? (i secretly hope not). These are the last of his pages from him HI adventure. I just got a big stack o prints from Costco...getting down to Oct. Nov. and Dec. 09. I think getting 210 LOs this year will be a snap!

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