Tuesday, August 17, 2010

105 through one hundred and twelve!

Missing a pic I know ( i forgot to get it printed!)

I love our big scrapbook overnighters that happen every four months! They are so fun and we get so much done! It is also a nice break from our kids! I got 9 1/2 pages done. The other one is going to get finished this week, promise! So now people, get postin' what you've been doing!


Sarah said...

WOW! 9 and 1/2 pages done?! that's impressive!! these are great layouts!!

mj said...

good work dude...you think we can get 9.5 pages done when you are here? i have a bunch to post...but i am trying to get them done before i leave on Mon. wish me luck!

Lera said...

These look even cuter than I remember. You are awesome!