Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Hundred & 3

Since we decided to count paper crafting projects as layouts, I'm going to throw in these bows that I made for a friend at work. She didn't have any bows for her daughter and had overheard me say they were easy to make, so she asked me if I would mind making a few. They were so fun, that I got a little carried away and made about 30 bows in all. My boss saw the finished products and asked me to make some more for her daughter, which I am excited to do. I used a ton of scrapbooking supplies in their creation (ribbon, buttons, brads, paper flowers and even chipboard).

I know, I really need a baby girl!


mj said...

wow! they are sooo cute! and yes, you do need a girl!

Jenn said...

wow! you are such a pro! I would've thought you had a girl from such excellent bow skills!