Saturday, December 18, 2010

14th to 17th

oh baby jack. i really love you. you really are the cutest baby ever. never grow up ok?!

so how do you get copies of your kids letters to santa when they are old enough to remember you never mailed it? and then do you hide them until they are no longer believers in a physical santa? i guess i could always say "santa gave it back to mommy because he knew she would want to save it."
so i totally copied ali e here, but there wasn't a better way to do it! i haven't written my testimony down in a long time. i am glad i did it.


dawn said...

I just read thru most of your pages and love them. So cool that you wrote to Santa, we will be doing ours soon I hope. Your boys are such cuties. Your album is really coming along great, your doing a good job keeping it up with two little ones. Happy Holidays.

Jessica said...

that is soooo cute. i love these books. great ideas. i want to do a 365 for this upcoming year.. where do i buy them?