Friday, December 10, 2010


can i get a whoot whoot? we did it! 210 Layouts!!!! Whahooo!!! ok so we may have had to stretch it a little, but we did it in the end, and that is all that matters.

jenn, if you are wondering where my 4th layout went, well it is a funny story. you see. i must have really liked those pictures,because i scrapped them a couple of months ago. see?

so i took the pics off, and used that same sketch for a Green Tangerines Kit Club project. I will post them all when the kit is release Jan. 1st.


Jenn said...

that is funny about your 4th!!!yay! and we reached our goal!!! do we have a party or something??

Lera said...

Yay! Good job everyone! I had thoughts of being a stinker and jumping in at the last moment to post #210, (after you two did most the work) but I held out. :)

Great pages as always.

mj said...

lera...i would still be laughing if you did that! i really didn't think we would make it! we technically have 216, but i can't release the ones I did for Green T until Jan. 1st oh well!

Jessica said...

yay!! way to go!! and hopefully next semester i really will be able to scrap not having classes on friday! (my last semester!!!!!)