Thursday, January 6, 2011

18th to 25th (minus 23rd)

i am almost done with my december daily book. i just have to do page 23. but i don't have the pictures yet. J-walk is keeping them hostage. Loser. [you know i love you like a brother.]
and the title page. but i am a little burnt out right now. doing a weeks worth of scrappn in 2 days is a lot of work. and brain cells. I want a silver pen so I can write on my pictures like AliE did.


Jessica said...

haha I have told jesse 3 times now to send you pictures.. i think he finally sent them to you last night

Chris and Lisa said...

I LOVE your book. It turned out so great. I love the idea...just hard for me to keep up on it with all the other things going on during the holidays!