Wednesday, January 19, 2011

jack's one-a-months

studio calico designer susan weinworth.

my own design.
scrapbooks etc. february 2011 (ps i love this magazine!)

my own design.
i think i got this LO from it was a while ago.

hehe! look familiar? this is my blog design, but i wanted to use it as a scrapbook page too! so i just copied what I had posted about these pictures.

my own design.
my own design again. i was on a roll!

scrapbooks etc. feb. 2011

i think this was my own design too. i did this same page for C's book too.

scrapbooks etc feb. 2011
ali edwards.
my own design.

which really turned out to be 2 or three a month. i can't help myself! he is so cute! i hope that i have captured his babiness. now on to toddlerhood!

i started working on these a couple weeks ago. I wanted to get Jack's book caught up for his first b-day. I may still add some LOs of he and carter and our summer visitors. but for now at least it is up to date-ish. I just have January left to do and then I am taking a break to do some sewing projects!


Lera said...

I love them all! You are just amazing; when do you find the time to scrapbook with two little boys running about?!

mj said...

haha naptime! and it helps that my kids go to bed at 7:30!

Jessica said...

you are amazing! scrapbook time has slowly begun, i think i am try and scrapbook while jesse is at practicing coaching those lacrosse boys