Saturday, March 5, 2011

Luck of the Irish!

Frame from di: 1.50
Picture from Costco: 1.56
Template from ( I'll post the blog later, have to find it again) : free!

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mj said...

i see you posted from your phone! smart girl! i saw that picture on eighteen 25
it looks really cute,
way to find a frame for a $1.50

i bet i have the stuff at home to do that right now...if only i could get to the rest of my st patty's decorations. you see, we are forever stuck in love land over here. nate got his new stink and now our storage shelves are stacked two deep. can only get to the stuff on the first shelf!

Jessica said...

well that is where i saw it too! small world. love land is still fun though! so the reason for the ribbon at the bottom, is because the frame was bigger than 12 inches, so there was a beautiful seam line.. so i added some ribbon. haha thats what i get for finding a 1.50 frame!

mj said...

PS mine cost free.

Frame already painted in a box.
Printed my Subway art on cardstock. that I already had.

See what good deals you get when you have been married for 9 1/2 years!