Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Having cousins is great

and I wish you were closer! So I am watching Tay today and tonight, and the last two hours they have been playing together so well that I even got to do a layout. Man, the playroom will be great because they are already playing in there with not much! But that's not to say that the house is not in ruins, but definitely worth the time to scrap (Maddie was snoozing if you were wondering). This was really easy though because it's for work. Pebbles paper and stickers and then just ribbon. I know not that hard but I think the layering of paper turned out pretty good. Sorry my pictures stink, Jake takes them way better than me but he is pretty busy these days!


mj said...

good one! i like easy ones...easier to copy! your work is lucky to have the sister in law of the girl who got on the Scenic Route website working for them ;o)

ScrapyTiff said...

more great layouts! I love this blog for all the easily scrapliftable ideas, Thanks!