Thursday, February 12, 2009

winner winner

Shireece Jenne!!!
Here is her comment:

A favorite layout is almost impossible to choose. I started going through them and liked so many that it would take too long to list! However, I choose a handfull of favorites from both Maegan and Jenn. Here they are in no particular order:

Circus Circus Aug. 5, 08
Been Busy - Playground Mar. 14, 08
Designers Challenge Mar. 11, 08
Be Mine Feb. 29, 08
Christmas Feb. 1, 08

Love Jan. 30, 09
Scrapbook Expo Sept. 23, 08
Chalk Buddies Sept. 12, 08
Go Easy on Me Dude Aug. 28, 08
All You Need is Love Dec. 7, 07

Email me your address (again, sorry I didn't write it down) and look for you RAK in the mail!
maegenjenne at gmail dot com

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