Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy NSD

Yup. We have our own holiday. (National Scrapbook Day)

Jenn and I have been working on designing some Page Layouts for Quickutz. They just released their new spring gift sets. Not all of our work has been posted yet, but it will be up soon. So...for now take a look. If you what C or S looks like you will find our page Layouts.

I am Enjoy.

Jenn is Flirt and Reuse.


Jenn said...

I love that we have our own holiday! We are so awesome! P.S. you need to make the gift sets a link! Oh and Lera wants to post but she lost the login info so if you can send it to her again, then she can post! Yah!!

mj said...

hmmm...does she now? I will send it to her today!

I made the link "quickutz" the gift sets is just a picture. Nate said that was the polite way to do it. otherwise it "steals their bandwidth"? whatever...he had some reason.