Friday, May 29, 2009

not even 8 am yet

and I have a LO finished! C is a sleepy head this morning.

more october afternoon. guess it was my paper for march. i tried out the AC pens. LOVE them!

this was my inspiration from


Lera said...

You are seriously so hard core. I would have been in bed along with my son. I really like the outlining and the "stitches".

mj said...

i just woke up and wasn't tired any more...didn't help that our apt is hot and my upstairs neighbors are NOISY (or that i forgot to close the blinds in the office and the sun was blaring into my room)

thanks for all of your sweet comments!

Jenn said...

thats why you were up so early! i can't sleep with the sun blaring in my room either!