Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Sunday

I didn't have a chance to scrap on NSD. But I did get all of February done for my Proj. 365 book on Friday Night and I have now scrapped all of the pictures that I had printed out. Tomorrow I will upload more! (then I have to wait..bummer, well atleast I will get Sam's b-day present done!)

PP and Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle. Not usually my style, but there weren't many options this year for Valentine's day. QK Hearts. Sketch from Sketch This! #84

PP: Scenic Route and Crate Paper. Frame: Creative Cafe. QK: Metro, Blossom and Nesting Heart. Stamp: little davis design. (I dropped it on my new dress! arg! ruined by black ink, super bumer. I am going to try to bleach it out tomorrow...we'll see what happens). and I went a litle crazy with the buttons.


Jessica said...

was the i love trains your copy? because it looks amazing and i am jealous i dont quite have that skill yet. to copy something but completely change it all at the same time!

mj said...

yes, yes it was my copy. probably you will be as cool as me once you just get a little more practice.

Lera said...

Love them both!

Jenn said...

I love them! Good work! I think we are the pros on copying!