Monday, June 14, 2010

niner niner forty niner and 50

49/210 my own design. whipped this one up this afternoon. (and I really need to work on my croppn' skills in PSE!)

50/210 a combo of inspo from july/august CK. did this one over the weekend.

so girls...50 down! 160 to go! maybe we should take jess's idea and include all paper crafts? thoughts? or hey i have an idea...we have a few wanna play along? we are trying to do 210 Layouts in 2010. If you want to play along email me! maegenjenneatgmaildotcom

stay cool!


Jenn said...

I think we should include paper crafts definitely. WE are going to need all the help we can get to reach 210!

Lera said...

Super cute layouts! I'm hoping to start scrappin' a bit soon. I recently cut down hours at work, so I'll try and get my booty in gear. :)