Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sixty 1

This is what I have to contribute for the week. I made these for daddy and grandpa's for Father's Day which just happens to be tomorrow. I am pretty sure that neither Jake or grandpa's even check my blog so they won't even know beforehand! I got the idea from here which is my new favorite blog to follow these days. So many cute ideas. Anyhow, all I had to pay for was the wood which Lowe's graciously cut quite a few for me and the rest was supplies I had. So $3.30 isn't bad for four Father's Day gifts and I think they turned out pretty cute. Oh and 3 wallets from costco so another $1.


mj said...

so cute. you clever girl you. did you cut the wood all by yourself?

Jenn said...

I actually had Lowe's cut it which they did for FREE! Yay!