Friday, September 17, 2010

142, 143-44

142/210 MME and some random accents. I have done this LO twice now. I love it. It may be my new favorite. (sept CK as seen here by me and here by jenn the amazing.)

143-144/210 a double. what? yes, sometimes i do do a double...and whats more...sometimes i do design my own. crazy pants i know...he recognize that triangle border? yup totally used my silhouette again! not super crazy about the pen lines. they car kind of sloppy. oh well.


Lera said...

Super cute! Love them both!

Jenn said...

good job using your silhouette, it must be liking you again. sorry the master has left. and I am amazed you make that 1st LO so different every time...wouldn't have guessed it was the same LO.

Jessica said...

its the paper i gave you! yay! i think its so cute