Thursday, September 30, 2010


Yes a halloween countdown. I am also counting this. My sister found this project on Studio 5 and it is finally finished and right in time. I just hung it up this morning! It ended up costing $11 to make. Oh, and used a lot of shapes from Silhouette which is why it was so cheap to make. Want one?
Instructions (as per requested)
I did 30 squares (yes I skipped 31 to make it an even calendar) that are 4x4 each. I just bought 9x12 sheets of felt, 5 of them (white, green, orange, purple, and sparkly black) and you can get 6 squares out of each sheet. I bought them at JoAnns for .29 a sheet.
I then bought a yard of black felt. I think it was 4.99 a yard and I had a 40% off coupon. Mine was 26x36.
I then downloaded shapes from the Silhouette online store and actually used heat transfer to adhere them to the felt. If you don't have heat transfer, cut out the shapes and then just cut them out of felt or fabric and glue them on.
I then placed on my squares and sewed them on zig zag style. Anyhow, pretty easy....have fun!


Lera said...

Wow. That is the cutest thing ever! You are becoming such a sewing master!

mj said...

yes! are you offering to make me one and then go back in time so it is ready for today? i LOVE the broom it is hanging on...oh i am so jealous.

Sarah said...

um, yes I'd love one! are you taking orders?! that is the cutest thing I've ever seen! what a great idea! love it!

Jenn said...

Ok so I will just go back in time and make two more! easy enough