Monday, September 13, 2010


and it is a stretch, but i did use scrapbook supplies...buttons, thread, and chipboard (to make the patterns)

this is so easy.

plain white onezie (or t-shirt) pre-washed
pre-wash fabric (it MAY shrink sometimes i wash, sometimes i don't)
interfacing (iron on kind, can be double sided, it costs a little bit more, i usually just get the one sided kind)

first cut out your template. i use a cereal box or some cardstock scraps

judge how much fabric you will need. cut out a rectangle (so not your actual shape) and cut out a rectangle of interfacing the same size.

iron on interfacing to your fabric

cut out your shape (turn your shape wrong side up then trace on the back (right on the interfacing) then cut)

pin your shape onto your t-shrit (use a lot of pins so it does not slide)

(if you have double sided interfacing iron it on to your t-shirt)

sew. this is the tricky part. don't sew the shirt together! and i find that any onezie smaller than 12 mo is really hard, so for the smaller sizes i stick to something really simple like a circle or a star. (i use the smallest stitch length and sew around, then i zigzag too, might be over kill but i find that the straight stitch holds it in place while I zig maybe I should use double sided interfacing :o)

then embellish. i usually hand sew some details (like the whales water spray and the fish's mouth, I used 3 threads of floss) and add some buttons. for the babies make sure the buttons are super secure. but my kids tend to leave them alone (which knowing my kids is pretty surprising)


Jenn said...

They turned out SOOOOO cute. I love them! I want to see J in them! Guess you need to visit huh?

Lera said...

These are so adorable!!! I <3 them!