Monday, February 14, 2011

feb kit

(this was based on the sketch that is always included in the kit)

now that the kits have been sent off i can release my projects! due to CHA and some unforeseen busyness my projects did not make it onto the Green Tangerines Kit Club Blog. So you get an exclusive look! My favorite part of this kit were all of the vintage embellishments. I love it when old meets new. Oh and I loved brown, green and blue with a touch of something warm like yellow or red. And the star gems. I wish I had more...they would have been on every page! enjoy!


Lera said...

These are great! I can see why you are on the design team. :)

mj said...

thank you lera! that was very nice of you to say. i try to do a good job. :o) the DPLO are really hard for me. I always looks are yours to help me out a little bit.

Jessica said...

so cute. i love the vintage embellishments too!