Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yesterday and today

This LO I copied from Maegen but I can't seem to find it again. Lame I know, hers was cuter.

This I copied from CK, a recent month. I am slowly getting 2010 caught up.


mj said...

well if those are from 2010 then you are really close! since maddie just turned 2! i have to print a million 2010 pics for P365 and now i have a HUGE disney project to do for my family. why is a three day trip so much to scrap? i need to stop having fun! PS that LO was a green T one for Jan 2011 kit.

Jenn said...

ah...yes that's what it was. A green T LO! Why could i not remember that? Lame prego brain i guess!

Lera said...

So cute Jenn!