Thursday, January 15, 2009

What I did 2 day

This is what I did today while the girls were both napping. Look at me go. I used the sketch from this blog I found which has some great ideas. I used the sketch from Ghost of LaundryPast which was really cute. Anyhow, I just used old paper that I had but I used our fav Metro classic and mini as well as katie. I then journaled and printed right on the 12x12 paper, I love my printer!


Lera said...

Super cute page! I love Sam's outfit too.
I didn't know you have a 12" printer... I'm SO jealous!

mj said...

I love that page! I am totally going to copy it with the pictures from that same day! nice work dude. Our computer is slowly getting back to normal. Go figure it would bum out on us on Nate's busiest week ever!!!! I feel like I haven't seen him for days...You are awesome (do I say that too much?)

Jenn said...

One can never be told too much how awesome they are, don't you agre?