Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 2 w/both kids sleeping

So I am going on day 2 with both girls down and sleeping, which means another page for me. Do I clean my house? No! Do I do the dishes? No! Do I get dinner ready? No! I just scrap instead, how wonderful for me huh? ANYWHO, on this layout I used old scenic route paper that I haven't ever used (I got for 5 cents at the expo, pretty good I know), the photo corners rev die, the little scallop rev die (which maegen you have both), the star flower I on the left page I used the silhouette for. I was hoping for a cute duck but they didn't have one, only a rubber ducky. Kinda lame. I then was trying not to use metro classic but I did anyways, can you tell where. I also used Ginger (I got for Christmas and LOVE) and good old Blossom which I hadn't used for awhile. Once again, printed on my page-love it. So here is another one for you to copy if you have a million pictures like I did. Oh yeah-I copied this from page maps -Jan 2008.

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mj said...

Wow! I am so amazed that both girls were sleeping at the same time again!!! Good to take advantage of that. You can always clean when they are awake! (well maybe...) I love this LO totally coping it. Hopefully my comp will be working this weekend and I can send my pics to snapfish, finally!!!