Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What have U been doing?

Well these are the two layouts I have been working on the last week! Kinda sad it's taking me so long, but what have YOU been doing? Anyhow, I did these layouts for work since they are wanting me to design again. I love the newborn layout and the missionary one is just alright. For both layouts, the cutouts and fonts I used with my new silhouette which I love. Plus, it's easy to cut stuff out from home.


Lera said...

I have to agree that the newborn page is just loveable! I need new blades for my silhouette... I've been missing it.

mj said...

I do love your LOs. You did a good job. I totally love that big chick! I have been a fat load of nothing. I got most of my pics uploaded to snapfish. Nate finally got the pics off of the laptop and on to the Pc. Then our PC gets a virus so I cannot upload the rest of the pics (and funny enough they are off of the laptop!) I just hate computers sometimes! I have been so bored waiting for the PC to be fixed. As all of this is happening Nate has one of the busiest weeks at work too! Oh well! Some day I will scrap again.

Jenn said...

Okay okay I forgive you.....your computer has a virus and that stinks. I don't know what I would do. But once it gets fixed, I expect some serious scrappin from ya!