Thursday, January 22, 2009

nota slacker

mode podge is my new favorite medium. this is an altered canvas to remind me that there is love at home even if it is not a house.

Crazy Wednesday Craft Day is in full swing!

Love you pebbles and your adorable craft kits!


Jenn said...

Good work! I love all the projects. I am not sure how you did the pebbles thing. You ordered it for each month or it comes with a complete year? How does it work? I want some!

mj said...

So I just ordered the January Kit (it is like $13) and my friend Natalie and her husband figured out what size wood etc to make our own. So we will only have to spend like...$3 a set now. I am going to use mostly my scraps and cut out the numbers instead of using letter stickers. We are going to do the whole year! The wood for the whole year only cost $6! I wish we could make you a set. But Stan has the tools as you know... you would just have to buy the wood. They are not very big...the number blocks are just over an inch! I can give you the dimensions when you are ready.
The give thanks kit was in Nov and it was also $13. My friend Natalie and I are going to do one for St. Patricks day that is similar.