Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This week

So I am going to go backwards. These are the layouts I have worked on this week. I will then post my layouts from scrappin with Maegen last week. Don't ask why. I am now using Adobe Photoshop. I wouldn't call me an expert on it but maybe with time. Also, is there a tool for straightening like in Paintshop?

I just used bazzill on this layout. I cut the patterns out on my silhouette. I think it turned out 100% percent cute!

This is old school using Studio 8 that I found at the bottom of my stash. I also cut face and the cool do hickey ({ i forgot what this was called) with the silhouette. The other embellishments are stuff I had including a journaling card from my Mind's eye.

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mj said...

whoa slow down are going crazy! i really love the lace you cut out with your silhouette. i will have to try that when my blade comes. there is not a straitening too that I can find. so that is pretty stinky if you ask me. maybe jake the wonderful can find one for us. i am still working on my december daily and then i will make a mega post too!