Thursday, December 31, 2009

before 2009 ends

and it's been a good one. I am impressed with how many layouts we have posted this year but think we should set a goal for 2010. What do you say? Anyone up for a challenge? These ones I started earlier this week and wanted to get them done before the new year rang in! I really like how they turned out and both ideas were scraplifted from Two Peas . I actually really like their member gallery and have thought about putting my layouts on there too since you know I have so much free time and all!


Lera said...

I so love them both! Should we do 2,010 pages in 2010? Haha! I would be amazed if I did a layout a week.

Jenn said...

That would actually be cool to do that many pages. I am going to look at the total from last year!

mj said...

whoa 2,010 that is crazy!!!! getting 10 LOs done in 2010 would be a good start! How about a goal like...10 a month? that is a few more than 2 a week...maybe that is pushing it too...I kind of like Lera's idea...1 a week.

PS totally love that you used XMas paper for Maddi's B-day. I love that paper so much and I am down to my LAST 6x12 inch piece. It makes me so sad to use it up.

I am proud of what we have done too. But I still feel really behind. I have done too many home decor projects these last 6 months. I need a monthly scrap night like you guys have!