Saturday, September 20, 2008

I am not a scrap slacker

I have just been doing this...

Here are the designs. Some are my own, some I stole from Pebbles. I was getting desperate. I may never make another card again!

There are 150 total. The best part is that I only spent money on the cards that my mom and her friend Leslie requested (about $12.00). The rest was just scraps! Hopefully these little darlings will be making me some money next week! (if not guess what you are getting for Christmas!) Now all I have to do is buy envelopes, which will run me another $16.

When I get back from San Diego I will be back pumping out those one pagers...time to get caught up. I want to have the year scrapped before we ring in 2009. I want to start off the year fresh. Wish me luck!

Actually doing these has created a pretty good resource for us. Look at all of these card designs we have now!


Berrygirl said...

Wow! quite an accomplishment!! Way to go. I have been saying that i am going to sit down and use all my scraps to make cards. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jenn said...

Good work on all your cards! Plus they are super cute, people would be crazy NOT to buy them.